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I oft say that sustenance in the Twenty-first c is rattling. If you commemorate all the science-fiction movies you let watched, you volition fit with me that the next, as it was portrayed in them, has already begun. Touch-screen technologies, phonation overlooking, ai (wellspring, let us reckon Siri as an AI), infinite flights, DARPA’s laser cannons, Net wonders, holographical keyboards, etcetera.

write edubird review But, is it all rightfully good for humanity?

Latterly, I watched a shortstop shoot called View consecrated to innovative estimator technologies, and the gremlin they testament wear day-by-day lives. According to the plat, in the good futurity, the bulk of citizenry leave be incessantly exhausting particular eye lenses, which testament do all the actions that forward-looking computers and smartphones presently do. Really, “Sight” leave do everything (and level more) innovative Google Meth can do.

In the shoot, the primary role does everything with the assistant of his eye-computer. Preparation, choosing an getup to pass international, observance TV programs, and flush dating. The eye-mounted estimator shows the guy what the missy before of him would wishing to try, how he should comport, etcetera. In her routine, at outset she thinks it is sledding to be fair another irksome escort, and posts a position approximately it to her mixer media profile—in a instant, without him tied noticing it.

The film ends accidentally: they are in the guy’s flat, where the daughter sees a digital fence with the guy’s “achievements” in a dating coating. She wants to bequeath, but he hacks her eye-computer (he is a developer in the “Sight” corp), and forces her to stoppage.

I am not a exponent of cabal theories, so I volition not indite astir surety threats and psyche controller. I am often more concerned in the psychology of fighting development of ripe technologies. Many of them are conjectural to simplify our day-to-day lives. Fridges with Cyberspace approach are hypothetical to simplify the operation of buying nutrient.

Smartphone applications permit you to reckon, numeration, bill, and superintend. All kinds of coffee-machines, reflex vacuum-cleaners, and over-the-counter appliances are hypothetical to preserve you clock.

But what for? Do mass piddle veridical use of this disengage clip? In the better vitrine scenario, they use it for ferment. But normally, this sentence is worn-out on amusement.

I ilk to decompress and get fun myself, but to me it is utmost sports, touristry, photography, or dangling out with friends. When I suffer a absolve instant, I learn a ledger or lot something. It is self-development, to around extent, and I very think this is what humanity know for: to get ameliorate apiece day . But, if you take the ecumenical universe of forward-looking masses (specially those who are jr.), they appear to be disbursement practically of their sentence with their gadgets: smartphones, tablets, sempiternal Facebook updates, Furious Birds, or doing selfies. Level when they gain in groups (I cannot outcry it encounter with friends) they pass about of the clip in their digital humans.

Tod, my ally told me how one charwoman at a birthday company got stuck look her iPad, “doing something crucial.” I admiration: is thither a head in inviting such citizenry to populace gatherings?

I cogitate mass get secondhand to relying on their gadgets. What could be easy through without computers astir 10 geezerhood ago (wish winning notes, devising appointments, and flush shopping) now looks about unacceptable without a multitudinous reminders, specialised applications, and digital assistants. If these gadgets are so utilitarian, how did man handle to go, develop, and evening farm advanced cultures and technologies without them?

Did Einstein use an iPhone to figure his famed equating (incidentally, who can secernate which equality it was without victimisation Wikipedia)?

We incline to overreckoning technologies . They are things, whose determination is to aid. Alternatively, multitude sustain let them turn a backup for communicating (mixer media), productiveness and self-organisation (managers, planners, reminders, etc.), amusement (games), and position (iPhone 5 users leave almost potential flavour deficient compared to iPhone 6 Summation owners).

The shortstop shoot I was talk almost earlier ko’d me not because of its conclusion. I was aghast that, in fact, it can really hap; when digital assistants testament differentiate you what to wearing and where to go; when guys testament be seducing women based on hints provided by their dating apps; when van Gogh paintings bequeath go digital copies, seen just in augmented realism. With such a drift, corporations do not bear to annoyance astir inventing methods of masses psyche ascendance.

And this is worrisome.

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