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Dwelling by Gwendolyn Brooks

Updated on Borderland 2, 2015

Howard Allen


Gwendolyn Brooks is better known for her poesy, but she too wrote a fresh, Maud Martha . Her oftentimes anthologized myopic level, Abode, is really chapter 8 of this new.

It tells the storey of a miserable folk that is upset most losing not just their theatre, but what the theater represents.

Drumhead of Domicile

The master lineament is Maud Martha, a missy who’s believably in her former teens. She is seance with Ma (her sire) and Helen (her sis, believably in her former teens) in rocking chairs on the presence porch of their theater.

The class is wait for Mammilla to penetrate from workplace. On his luncheon jailbreak, he was provision to attend the mortgage accompany to try to get an lengthiness on their payments. The kinfolk is strain; they’re reasoning some what they’ll do if Papa’s petition is spurned.

Optimistically, Momma suggests they power go to an flat that’s ameliorate than the home. The girls recognize that would be too expensive for them, but Helen says her friends power impose more if she lived in a wagerer locality. Maud Martha comments on how overnice it was having a ardor loss in the hearth during the overwinter. This makes everyone sad.

Maud Martha exclaims that losing the home would killing Tit. Helen contradicts her, claiming Nipple loves them, not the family. Mamma leaves the destiny of the household in God’s men.

Mammilla comes abode, greets the phratry, and goes indoors. Everyone is activated. Mommy goes indoors with him. Presently, Mammy tells the girls that Teat ordered the prolongation and the family is safety. Helen says she wants to deliver a company, so her friends volition live they’re edubirde reviews habitation owners, not renters.

Motif | Family

This is an soft one, since the level is highborn Habitation . The storey presents two potential meanings for family – the strong-arm firm and kinsfolk togetherness.

The level opens with details that emphasise the genuine firm: the porch, plants, and rod. We’re told “ What was cherished was this perpetually, this invariably to finish .”

Maud Martha besides emphasizes the grandness of the menage when she says of her sire, “ He lives for this home! ”. Level if this is an magnification, it implies that her beget takes congratulate in organism a family possessor. It too implies that without the household, Teat would be figuratively drained, qualification it unimaginable for them to sustain a house in the gumption of category togetherness.

Tit too put the theatre supra his personal congratulate when he went to get an annex on the payments. He seems to scene owning a firm as an crucial, i.e. critical, role of providing a family for his sept.

In counterpoint, domicile can likewise be wheresoever the kinfolk is. Helen’s competition that Teat loves the folk supra all and but cares most the home apropos, because of them, supports the estimation that evening if the firm is helpless, they testament be able-bodied to shuffling a new abode anyplace.

Too, Maud Martha’s resolve that her forefather lives for the theatre shows how lots she cares for his feelings. On the rise, it emphasizes the grandness of the firm, but underneath it demonstrates the attendant notion ‘tween the members of the folk, suggesting that they would retrieve from losing the theater.

Stem | Grade

In House class is related owning place and sustenance in sealed neighborhoods. Pap exemplifies the beginning, Momma the s, spell Helen expresses an sentience of both.

Evening though Pablum has sweetie employment, his class is barely acquiring by. Disdain this, he wants to own belongings. This gives his category approximately kinda sociable standing. It too opens up the possibleness of a ascent to the middle-class in the hereafter.

Mommy links sociable standing to finical neighborhoods. When she amenities herself at the intellection of losing the theatre, she dreams of moving to a position on Washington Boulevard. She would no yearner be a abode proprietor, but she would be in a punter neighbourhood – a bazaar barter.

At kickoff, Helen feels the like as Ma. She besides entertains the thought of moving to a amend vicinity. She specifically mentions that her friends don’t ilk visiting the theater, implying it’s in a low-class ar. Helen seems to be astutely cognizant of her societal standing.

Subsequently the sept gets the intelligence that they won’t miss the family, Helen changes her head. She dialogue approximately inviting her friends to a company at the home, so they’ll acknowledge they own their own situation. Now she feels master to her peers who snag, and mayhap capable those in enthusiast neighborhoods. Helen seems volition to contract any sociable standing is useable to her.


Domicile is a real brusque, promiscuous to study level. The refreshing it is a parting of, Maud Martha , is distillery in publish. It lasted scorn former disconfirming reviews, and has had a revival in popularity since the expiry of Gwendolyn Brooks in 2000.